Community Youth Empowerment & Education

This programme gives scholarships to young males and females at secondary and tertiary educational levels. It also supports teenagers and young adults in the to acquire skills that would either help them get jobs or make them create jobs (be entrepreneurial).

Innocent was strong on community youth empowerment and education. Formal education was for him the key to unlocking the mind. He believed an educated mind was a questioning mind, a thinking mind. He supported young people in his community to go to school. He believed in teaching people how to fish and not just giving them fish.

This programme supports organisations and institutions that train/build the capacity of young persons to be innovative in setting up youth-led social enterprises in the technological and innovation ecosystem.


Good role models and positive mentoring of young persons is a huge problem in Nigeria today. The programme connects youths (mentees) with professionals (mentors) who can offer support, guidance and encouragement as they try to develop their skills.

This project is driven by Innocent’s three children based on their appreciation of their father’s passion and interest especially as a feminist who believed in and practised gender equality and equity. Innocent’s daughters under this programme support various activities that empower young girls and women in various sectors – education, the media, law, technology etc.

Legacy Projects

This project tracks all projects in Innocent’s name. It liaises with organizations hosting or intending to host projects and activities in his name to ensure successful outcomes of the projects.

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